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多管道系列的擴音機提供了無限的延伸性。 你可以選擇使用7個平衡的輸出, 範圍由250-570 瓦(watts) 8 歐姆(ohms) 至 550-1225 瓦 4 歐姆, 任君選擇。由於採用多重單聲道設計,每個頻道從輸入到輸出均完全獨立。



多管道系列的擴音機提供了無限的延伸性。 你可以選擇使用7個平衡的輸出, 範圍由250-570 瓦(watts) 8 歐姆(ohms) 至 550-1225 瓦 4 歐姆, 任君選擇。由於採用多重單聲道設計,每個頻道從輸入到輸出均完全獨立。 每個頻道的輸入都被分隔, 有助用家利用部件後方的轉換器來選取平衡或非平衡的連接。 獨有的輸入階段被設計成高階效果及高透明度。HT系統方面採用了 The MC 擴音機作 為最終方案來達致最佳的音質。雙重平衡的FET 輸入提供出色的整合,用以集合所有來源,同時具備最大的開放性。連接這些amps與管形來源的連接表演出超出預期的效能。當這些再配搭我們的STP- SE,此作品只應天上有!

你可以擁有無限的可能性,無論你想使用其中一款擴音機配上Home Theatre系統上的前3個頻道,或是雙重放大你的4個頻道。 不論客戶在尋找7個頻道的放大器配上內置雙前疊放大的5ch HT系統,我們的放大器都是你的最佳選擇。 在雙重放大的環境下,利用無可匹敵的高通濾波器(high pass filter) 放置在前置頻道能提供更好的音效。 這能夠在到達擴音機前就消取了高端的低頻, 從而令擴 音機更容易控制。 是時間考慮那一款擴音機能配合你的需要!

MC 7150 (7CH ~150W EACH)

MC 7150 是一部7聲道擴音機每 聲道達150瓦(8ohms) 足夠推動市面上的主流揚聲器MC7150 亦可以bi-amp方式接駁前置立體聲揚聲器 MC 7150 能提供優質的動態性能,微動感及卓越的底端控制這些特性在欣賞動作電影 中都是不可或缺的。 擴音器的電源是通過14AWG OFC 連接鍍金,絕緣5-way 接線柱所提供。 MC 7150在待機模式時功耗少於0.5W! 此外,我們會提供一個12V DC 觸發器,讓您能自 由開關處理器及擴音機。

MINI MC (3/5/7CH ~220W EACH)

Mini MC內含每聲道220W的高壓縮機箱。 本產品支援平衡XLR輸入,達致高水準與嚴謹的音色。Mini MC可配置3/5/6 CH。

CLASSIC MC (3/4/5/6/7CH ~500W EACH)

Classic MC 內置每聲道500W。 因應客戶需要,它可在3個聲 道外添加更多聲道 本產品支援平衡XLR輸 入,達致高水準與嚴謹的音質。 Classic MC 可配置3/4/5/6/7 CH。


  • Wyred4Sound MC5 (3x500,2x250) Review by Home Theater Shack

    " As an owner of Wyred 4 Sound gear, I'm obviously proud to state that every product of theirs I have encountered is a representation of the intersection between quality and value that this industry so rarely offers. The MC5 is powerful, it's well engineered, and it's brilliantly well matched to a high end multi-channel audio setup that has requirements of both incredible fidelity and effortless output. Where the MC5 truly shines is in comparison to much more expensive esoteric multi-channel amplifiers that are based upon the same technologies (Class D amplification). Compare the MC5 to these competitors and you begin to understand the incredible value it represents. High dollar chassis designs and ample hyperbole rarely translate into real-world performance and in the case of pairing the MC5 with the Legacy Focus SE's, or even my humble Paradigm Studios , it's hard to imagine any amplifier performing better at less than 3 times the price. Highly Recommended. "

  • " Not only is the W4S more powerful, I find it more transparent and forward, especially on the highs, without ever feeling fatiguing or bright. The deep bass extension is clean and detailed, and with its Class D design, it runs much cooler and doesn't waste energy.

    In my time with this amp, I have been in audio heaven. When I review a product, I usually look forward to placing my own equipment back in my rack, but that wasn't the case here. After I reinstalled my Anthem, I instantly missed the Wyred 4 Sound, and I immediately put it on my short list of upgrades- it's that good. "

    Wyred4Sound Mini MC 7 Channel (MMC-7) Amplifier Review by Home Theater Shack
  • " Like most of you, I am not the sort of individual who easily parts with 2400 dollars for an amplifier - though reasonable in the high end, this is no small sum of money for most of us who pursue this hobby. After having the MMC-7 in my system for the past 10 weeks I can safely say that I was wrong, 2400 dollars isn't too much money for an amplifier when it performs like the MMC-7. Wyred 4 Sound has delivered a product that resides squarely beneath the price/performance inflection point where your dollar doesn't buy you better sound. The MMC-7 delivers effortless dynamics, a huge sound stage and excellent imaging with the sort of sound quality and lack of noise you'd expect in a top end stereo amplifier. "

    Wyred4Sound Mini MC 5 Channel (MMC-5) Amplifier Review by hometheaterreview.com
  • " Wyred 4 Sound's Mini MC5 is a steal. At just under $2,000 one would be hard pressed to find another five channel amplifier with such speed, clarity and deep black backgrounds. The Mini MC performed extremely well with movies, its speed and control allowed the details in the frenetic paced action scenes to remain distinct and the dialog to be clear and intelligible. Despite the lower power rating of the Mini MC series, its 221-Watts should be enough for most systems. The three channel option (or five channel version in a 7.1 system) in combination with Wyred 4 Sound's more powerful mono amplifiers on the main channels would be easy to arrange in the event more power is necessary. "